Great Holy Ghost Academy we hail thee!! Noble tree of knowledge, faith and wisdom, Great galaxy of brightest future we hail thee!. We are proud to be your children. You make us fit for the mansions height. We come to sing your worthy praise.

Oh great varsity Holy Ghost Academy!!, home of faith and wisdom. Oh great varsity Holy Ghost Academy, may your noble fame reach all the earth.

Oh noblest college of joyous memories of great founders and mentors. Sculptor of great geniuses, lead all men to truth and lift our lowly hearts to a lofty height. May we all flourish in your fountain spring.

Anambra Anthem

With all our hearts
We pray and ask
God bless Anambra
God bless the shining light that we bear
We are the only ones to make her brighter
The ones to make her better
The only ones to make Anambra shine
With our sweat and blood, Every breath of our lives
With trust in God
We would lift our homeland high
We believe in togetherness
We’ll build a land of progress
Lift the spirit of Anambra
Lift the spirit of Anambra
Lift the spirit of Anambra, State we love.