Our School Facilities

Holy Ghost Aademy Amaokpala, is a mission school owned by the Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers, with an enviroment, good boarding facilities and atmosphere that is perfectly conducive for proper learning and assimilation. A place where the level of academic excellence is matched with an equal level of moral discipline.

Standard Boarding Facilities

High Academic Standards

The learning experience at boarding school is very different to the one at day school. Boarding schools have the advantage of being able to design and implement a curriculum that challenges and inspires their students.

Extra-curricular Activities

Traditionally, extra-curricular activities are an important feature of boarding and create an even stronger sense of community among students. In addition, they help students build up their CVs with regards to a later university application and career choices.

Character & Moral Development

Of course, the separation from the parents due to enrollment at a boarding school, maybe far away from home or even in a different country, is not always easy for children from the start. However, generally they adapt to staying away from home very quickly and make new friends at the school because they spent more time with their classmates than they ever would at day school. Besides, they develop more self-reliance and independence from their parents than they could at home. From the first boarding years through to the last ones, boarding can offer a sense of independence in children that helps them through life. This can all contribute to boarders leaving school with a mature attitude and feeling prepared for the demands of university life.

University Preparation

Boarding schools have good connections with the best universities, both state, federal & private universities, and offer mentoring programmes to support their students in choosing the right career path even after they graduate from the school. Our students all have a better opportunity to get admission in one of our pretigious university(Spiritan University Nneochi).

Lifelong Friendships

The friendships made in boarding houses are incredibly strong. There is a sense of family community that comes from living together, caring for and supporting each other, and enjoying free-time together. Some of the deepest-rooted friendships develop during a student’s time at boarding school.

Conducive Classrooms

A conducive classroom environment helps improve attention, reduce anxiety, and supports emotional and behavioural regulation of students.

Boosts student interaction with peers and teachers. Students are given frequent feedback; however, tasks require more time, effort, and investment. Allows students to apply what they've learned in other situations. Allows for the exploration of diversity.

A classroom setting that is conducive will remove charged emotions and bring serenity for increased learning among students.



Gives Students Hands-On Experience

A science lab is a place where students get hands-on experience of the experiments they have learned from the books or from their teachers. In this way, they get an idea of how an experiment is done and what its results would be. They also get a chance to explore other techniques that could have been used for performing the experiment.



Helps Students Formulate Their Own Ideas

A science lab gives students an opportunity to formulate their own ideas and make them workable in the real world. If a student has some idea in mind, they can try to implement it in a proper manner in the lab and make it successful. This way, they get a chance to know whether their ideas are practical or not.



Encourages creativity

Our students in a science lab are encouraged to come up with hypotheses and experiments around a particular topic. This teaches them how to solve problems and think critically. It also encourages creativity, as they have the opportunity to use their imagination during experiments.

School Library

Libraries provide a wide range of materials and activities to help children and young people learn and develop skills. They are an excellent place for people to find books that can help them with personal development. Libraries can also foster creativity and help build their social skills in a stress-free environment.

Our library is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools.It develops the important habit of reading among our students