Welcome to Holy Ghost Academy Amaokpala (HGAA)

HOLY GHOST ACADEMY AMAOKPALA is a catholic boys mission school established on September 2003 by Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Province of Nigeria (South East), in order to promote sound Catholic Education and good Moral Values in Nigeria bearing in mind the cultural Values of the people.

What We Do

The School was established in September 2003 though it has been on the pipe line for some years. It has been the desire of the holy ghost congregation to go back into school apostolate. As you know, we(the Holy Ghost Fathers) are the pioneer missionaries of the Eastern Nigeria,who brought the god news to this part of the country, and excelled in the education of the young-school apostolate.

When you Think of a school where the environment and atmosphere are perfectly conducive for proper learning and assimilation. Think HGAA

When you are asked of a school where level of academic excellence is marched by an equal high level of moral discipline. Say HGAA When you need a place where your son can grow into a responsible citizen with balanced integral personality. Come to HGAA.